The process may vary based on your device and language settings.

Important Information:

– Ensure your device is eSIM-compatible and network-unlocked.
– Connect to a strong Wi-Fi network for successful eSIM activation.
– The eSIM validity period starts upon installation.
– Do not remove the eSIM, as it cannot be reinstalled or regenerated.

Step 1: Add an eSIM from your device’s Settings.

Navigate to [Settings] > [Connections] > [SIM card manager].

Step 2: Choose [Add mobile plan] to install the eSIM.

Select [Add mobile plan] > Tap [Scan carrier QR code].

Step 3: Install eSIM using the QR code or manual installation.

Scan the QR code or manually input your eSIM details found in the email.

Ensure a strong Wi-Fi connection for successful eSIM activation.

Step 4: Wait for eSIM activation to complete.

Your eSIM will connect to the network; this may take several minutes.

Step 5: Label your eSIM.

After adding the eSIM, label it for easy management.

Go to [Settings] > [Connections] > [SIM card manager] > Choose eSIM profile > Tap [name] > Enter a custom label, such as “{Destination} – eSIM.”

Installation is complete!
You’re almost ready to use the data.

How to Access Data

Step 1: Enable your eSIM profile.

Navigate to [Settings] > [Connections] > [SIM card manager] > Toggle on your eSIM.

Step 2: Activate [Data Roaming] only for your eSIM profile.

Go to [Settings] > [Connections] > [Mobile networks] > Toggle on ‘Data Roaming.’

Step 3: Select your eSIM profile in [Mobile Data].

Navigate to [Settings] > [Connections] > Tap [Mobile data] > Choose your eSIM profile.

Disable ‘Auto data switching’ to avoid unintended roaming charges from your domestic carrier.

Troubleshooting | Unable to Access the Internet
If you’ve installed the eSIM correctly but can’t access the internet, try the following troubleshooting steps. DO NOT remove the eSIM, as it generally can’t be reinstalled or regenerated.

1. Manually select a network.

Go to [Settings] > [Connections] > [Mobile networks] > [Network operators].
Turn off automatic mode and tap OK to begin a network search.

When the list of available networks appears, select one of the network.

2. Set up APN manually, if accessible.

Go to [Settings] > [Connections].
Select [Mobile network] > Tap [Access Point Names] (or Select [Advanced] and then Tap [Access Point Names]).
Click “Add.”
Enter APA from your email and save.
Choose the APN you just created.
Restart your device.