eSIM for International Travel: Get Cheap Data While Traveling

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How does it work?


Global Coverage For Travellers

Connect seamlessly in over 200+ countries and regions worldwide. With our eSIM service, you can enjoy reliable connectivity while you travel abroad, making it perfect for international travelers and digital nomads.

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Instant Delivery

Receive your eSIM profile immediately after purchase. Your unique QR code and activation instructions are sent directly to your email, allowing for quick and easy setup on your compatible device.

See The World With No Restrictions

Use your data freely without daily limits or hidden charges. Our eSIM plans offer flexibility and transparency, allowing you to stay connected on your terms. Enjoy high-speed data and great network coverage without worrying about unexpected fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make phone calls and send SMS from your eSIM plans?

No. These are data-only plans.

Can I keep my existing mobile number?

yes, a travel eSIM can co-exist with your current sim but please note that you may only use one eSIM at any one time. eSIM and physical eSIM can be active at then same.

Which devices can be used with eSIM?

Compatible eSIM devices include both iOS and Android devices that are eSIM-enabled and unlocked. It’s important to note that SIM-locked devices cannot be used with an eSIM.

Click here to see all eSIM-supported devices.

Does your esim have number as well?

No, we only sell data internet only eSIM. No phone number but you can use whatapps, messenger, wechat etc.. to make calls

Are there any contracts or hidden fees?

No, each eSIM data plan is prepaid with no hidden fees or contracts, just buy what you need and top up when you need more data.  

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is a small chip that is built into some of the latest mobile devices that allows you to add multiple data plans to your device without ever having to walk into a store, you purchase an eSIM data package and then download it to your mobile device. Travelers use eSIM as an alternative to having to use roaming data and avoiding expensive roaming charges.

Do I need to get a new plan if I’m traveling to different countries?

We have a global plan which will cover 124 countries or regional eSIMs that will cover specific countries inside a region for example Asia. If you’re roaming from country to country then chances are you’ll be able to find an travel eSIMs that will cover those destinations.

Do your plans have unlimited data?

Yes, unlimited data options are made available for each plan.

Can I have multiple eSIMs?

You will only have one eSIM on your mobile device but you will be able to have mutliple eSIM plans on that eSIM depending on the mobile brand/device.

Do you have an app?

Yes, you can use our Yabb App to check your remaining data balance. You can also make calls to any phone and send SMS with Yabb however, additional charges are applicable.

What do I do if I delete or lose my eSIM’s QR code?

If you cannot find the code, please contact our customer support team. We will resend you the code through email.

Can I top up my eSIM?

Yes, you can do it by logging into your eSIM4 account.

Do I have to activate data roaming on my device?

Yes. ou need to enable data roaming specifically for the eSIM you’re using for travel. This allows the eSIM to connect to local networks in your destination country.

Additional tips:

If you have a physical SIM from your home carrier, make sure to turn off data roaming for that line to avoid unexpected charges.

Set the travel eSIM as your primary data line: On your device, set the travel eSIM as the primary line for mobile data usage.

Disable data switching: Turn off mobile data switching to ensure your device uses only the travel eSIM for data

What speeds can I expect using eSIM4?

With eSIM4 you can connect at 3G/4G depending on where you are. However, keep in mind that in remote or poor coverage areas, your mobile could connect at lower speeds.

When will I receive my eSIM?

Once you make the payment, we will send your eSIM to the email you entered during the purchase process.

When do the days of my data plan start counting?

The days start counting when you activate data roaming on your cellphone.

Therefore, the number of days in the plan will start counting down when you activate the eSIM, not when you install it.

Can I use my SIM card and eSIM at the same time?

If you are using an Apple device, you can use your SIM card and your eSIM at the same time. Choose the SIM card for phone calls and SMS, and the eSIM for cellular data. Please remember that if you leave your SIM card activated, your network provider may apply data roaming charges to receive or make phone calls as well as SMS.

How can I delete the eSIM once I’ve used my data?

If you wanted to, you can do this by going to your phone’s SIM card manager.

When should I set up my eSIM?

You need WiFi to set up your eSIM so we recommend that you install and activate your eSIM just before your departure. You can also wait until you arrive at your destination to activate the eSIM but remember that you need a prior WiFi connection for the set-up process.

How do I set up the eSIM on my device?

After your purchase, we will send a QR code to your email. Either print the QR code or open it on your computer. On your cell phone, go to Settings > Mobile/Cellular Data > Add Data Plan and scan the QR code. Your phone will allow you to set up a specific name to this data plan. You will now be able to switch between your eSIM4 data plan and the original plan from your provider. Turn off roaming data for your SIM card and once you land, turn on data roaming on your cellphone settings and activate the eSIM4 data plan.