Is eSIM Worth It For Travel? Here’s 10 Reasons Why We Think So

1. Convenience

No More Hunting for SIM Card Vendors

One of the biggest hassles when arriving in a new country is locating a telco store or vendor to purchase a local SIM card. With an eSIM, this frustrating rigmarole is eliminated. You can set up your eSIM data plan before even departing for your trip.

Instant Connectivity Upon Arrival

Many eSIM providers allow activating your plan instantly when you arrive at your destination. That means you can start using maps, order rideshare pickups, and get connected immediately after landing – no more anxiously hunting for WiFi at the airport.

2. Cost-Effective Local Rates

Ditch Excessive Roaming Fees

Using your home cellular plan for data roaming when travelling is convenient but comes with a premium price tag. Roaming fees from major carriers like Vodafone, Testra, Optus, Verizon and AT&T can be as high as $10 per day on top of your regular plan costs.

Get Local Pricing

ESIMs essentially give you local pricing for data at your destination by partnering with the local mobile operators. This leads to substantial savings compared to paying roaming charges with your regular carrier back home.

3. Avoid Bill Shocks

No Surprise Charges

Even if you think you’ve properly configured your phone’s roaming settings, coming home to an unexpectedly large phone bill after a trip is an unpleasant experience many travelers have faced. Excessive data usage can really add up with roaming rates.

Pay Upfront With An eSIM

When purchasing an eSIM data package for your travels, the rates are clearly laid out upfront. You only pay for what you sign up for – no hidden fees or billshock surprises after returning home.

4. Multiple Profiles, One Phone

Store eSIMs For Different Countries

Most eSIM providers allow downloading and storing multiple eSIM profiles onto your phone. This is perfect for trips spanning several countries, as you can easily switch between the local data plans for each destination.

Regional Packages Also Available

In addition to single-country eSIMs, many providers also offer regional packages that cover entire areas like Europe, Asia, Africa and more with a single plan activation. Seamless connectivity as you cross borders.

5. Instant Activation

No Waiting For Physical Delivery

Ordering a physical SIM card for your phone often involves waiting a few days for it to be delivered before you can activate it and start using the service. Not so with eSIMs – the digital profile can be downloaded instantly.

Get Connected Before You Fly

While many eSIMs activate automatically upon arriving at your destination’s local mobile network, others can be triggered before boarding your flight. That means you’re ready to use data immediately after landing with no delay.

6. No Physical Swapping Hassles

Avoid Fiddly SIM Card Trays

We’ve all been there – fumbling with a paperclip or SIM ejector tool trying to coax out that fiddly SIM card tray, risking it going flying across the room. eSIMs spare you this headache since everything is integrated into your device.

No More Losing Tiny SIM Cards

Misplacing the tiny physical SIM card when swapping it out is another common frustration that eSIM technology eliminates. You can switch between eSIM profiles for multiple countries digitally with zero risk of the SIM actually going missing.

7. Regional and Global Options

Regional Bundles for Multi-Country Trips

In addition to single-country eSIM data plans, many providers like Airalo and Nomad offer regional packages that cover entire areas like Europe, Asia, Latin America etc at affordable rates. Perfect for multi-stop trips within the same region/continent.

Go Truly Global

Need anytime/anywhere connectivity for digital nomad travels or an extended world tour? Some eSIM companies offer global data packages that work in the majority of countries worldwide with a single eSIM activation.

8. Portable Hotspot Capability

Share Your eSIM Data Connection

Most eSIM data plans support using your phone’s portable hotspot functionality. This allows you to create a localized WiFi network to connect and share the eSIM’s data plan across other devices like laptops and tablets.

Cover Your Whole Travel Party

Using an eSIM with hotspot support means you may not need to buy a separate eSIM plan for each individual in your travel group. Simply tether everyone’s devices to your phone’s eSIM-powered hotspot to share the data.

9. Number Privacy

Keep Your Regular Number Private

When travelling, there are times you may want to share a local number instead of your regular personal/work phone number back home – for example, giving it out to an Airbnb host or private tour guide while abroad.

Use a Local eSIM Number Temporarily

With an eSIM plan that includes a local phone number at your destination, you can opt to use and share that number during your travels instead of exposing your primary line to strangers or potential spammers.

10. Installation is Easy

Scan a QR Code

Setting up an eSIM data plan is refreshingly straightforward. Most providers email you a QR code after purchase. Simply scan this code using your phone’s camera and the eSIM installs automatically in a few taps.

11. Very Few Drawbacks

Not All Phones Are Compatible

Older smartphones and device models may not have the embedded hardware required to utilize an eSIM. However, the majority of mid-range and premium phones released in the last few years do support eSIM, with adoption increasing yearly.

With such a compelling mix of convenience, cost-savings, flexibility and connectivity power, it’s clear that eSIMs are an invaluable asset for the modern traveller. The pros massively outweigh the minor cons. If your next international adventure is just around the corner, it’s worth considering an eSIM.